26 september 2022

"We will always be thankful for your coaching!"

“We contacted you 3 weeks ago, completely exhausted and in the verge of a breakdown. Our girl was not sleeping at all, waking every 30minutes.

After our counseling session (Rådgivande samtal), we followed your advise, bought your book about Lillis Räv and read all the material in preparation for the sleep training.

Its been two weeks now since we started training her and she is now sleeping through the night without any help!! and even falling asleep just some minutes after I leave her in her crib!! The first 2 days were tough but she was sleeping better already from the first night!!

You can’t imagine how glad we are that we found you and we will always be thankful for you coaching and for Lillis Räv, it literally changed our lives.

Thank you so much, J and G” – parents to Olivia 9 month